Where do you get your frames?

You can find a compiled list of links with a wide range of budgets here! 


My Package is marked as delivered, but I have not received it (USPS).

We’re sorry that you are experiencing this! We have seen this happen occasionally with some orders and created some next steps walkthroughs here to help!

 USPS delivery vans have GPS that sometimes automatically updates a shipment as "delivered" prematurely. In almost every case the package was most likely marked as delivered accidentally and will arrive within the following 1-3 business days. Please ensure that your package is not in your mailbox, in your apartment office, package mailbox, or on the doorstep. These arrive in a tube so they can sometimes be easy to miss.

 If you want to be proactive about it, the next best step is to contact your local post office. Make sure to call your LOCAL office, and not the USPS hotline (this can take a lot of time, and they only tell you what the tracking already says). Ask them who delivered the package, and ask them for details about that day's delivery. They are used to these types of questions, and can usually provide helpful information.

If you decide to submit a support ticket, please be sure to include your FULL shipping address (including apartment or building number) and your order number.

My Item is Damaged

Please submit a ticket  and be sure to include the following

  • Order number
  • Photo of the damaged print(s)
  • Photo of the damaged container

We will work to make this right for you!

Holiday Shipping Guidelines

When holidays arrive, it is important to get your orders in early.  In general, 2.5 weeks ahead of time is appropriate during holiday rushes.  

If you require expedited shipping, we will try and accommodate your request but note that it would require coordination between you and us.  

For expedited shipping, please submit a ticket with your request and wait until we let you know if we are able to accommodate this for you.  If you purchase without coordinating, the order will still be placed and the shipment will be sent out with normal shipping and you risk the possibility of not receiving your print at your desired time.  

Also note that Sandgrain Studio does not offer refunds on purchases.  


You can see what our customers are saying here, and on our Instagram we have a pinned story highlight that shows our prints out in the wild!