5 Essential Rules to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

5 Essential Rules to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

Are you a minimalist or a maximalist? Are you somewhere in between? If you're looking for home decor ideas, or remodeling your home, a gallery wall is one of the biggest trends in interior design. These are the 5 essential rules when building your own gallery wall. Creating a stunning gallery wall is an art form that transforms spaces into personalized showcases. Here are the best interior design guidelines to follow : 

1. Harmonize with a Theme: Start with a cohesive theme or color scheme to bring unity to your display. This can be artistic style (like midcentury modern, maximalism, movie posters, retro or vintage posters) a topic, or a color. Selecting a central theme or color palette provides a unified appearance. Whether it's based on a specific art style, color schemes, or subject matter, consistency is key to creating a visually cohesive gallery wall.

2. Vary and Balance: This is one  of the mistakes I see pretty often, getting all of the same size. You can make a cool wall like that, but it is more of a grid than a gallery wall. To create a the perfect gallery wall, mix sizes, styles, and orientations of frames to add depth and interest, ensuring a balanced distribution. Add 3D objects like pennants for extra credit

3. Plan Your Layout: Arrange your pieces on the floor to visualize and adjust before any hanging commences. You can even use painters tape as placeholders to see it on the wall. Space planing

4. Mind the Spacing: Consistent spacing between artworks is key to a harmonious look. Aim for about 2-3 inches. 

5. Incorporate Diversity: Blend different mediums—photographs, paintings, prints—to enrich your gallery wall's texture and appeal.

    You want to personalize your space. Embrace these principles, and your gallery wall will captivate and tell a unique story reflective of your taste and experiences. 


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